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Butler County Stump Grinding

Butler County Landscaping - Stump Grinding 1

You have a gorgeous landscape and your trees are like jewels on your property, but there are a few that needed removal and tree stumps are all that remains of their presence majestic presence. Rather than waiting years for it to decompose on its own, Butler County Landscaping has efficient solutions including stump grinding. We get beneath the surface of tree stumps to reduce its depth and presence on your property so that you can move forward with other landscaping projects. Rather than root ball removal, which can leave the immediate area a disaster with a giant hole in the ground that stretch further than you anticipated, stump grinding offers clients a far better and less invasive approach.

Regain Space

You have a great landscaping project in mind, but you have tree stumps dotted across your front and backyard, making it impossible to accomplish much of anything. Rather than let them sit there, stump grinding can provide you with wide, open space to execute your landscaping vision. You have the benefit of improving the curb appeal of your property and boosting the overall visual appeal of the area. This becomes an important conversation, particularly on properties where space is a premium. As a professional residential lawn care service, we come to your property to provide an accurate evaluation of your tree stumps and the appropriate measures that can help you regain space.

Prevent Pest Infestation and Disease

You may imagine that leaving your tree stumps dotted around your yard is an environmentally friendly approach, but you may be sending a beacon to uninvited pest and soon have an infestation on your property or introduce diseases that could affect the health of remaining plant life in the surrounding area. Tree stumps will serve as a home and food source for pests that will eventually be difficult to get rid of once they take hold and grow into strong colonies, eventually spreading out to other areas. We grind tree stumps that help you regain control over pest infestations and plant diseases and the organic material left after grinding can be used as compost for an environmental approach for waste control.

Reduce the Risk of Accidents

When you have children who like to play on your lawn a tree stump poking out of the ground is often an assurance that an emergency trip to the hospital from an accident is likely to follow. Also, consider the inconvenience of lawn care activities such as mowing that are often challenging when you need to maneuver heavy equipment around tree stumps. These are all scenarios that are easily resolved by employing tree stump grinding as a safety approach. We use state of the art equipment to get rid of the hazard of tree stumps to help you avoid personal injury and property damage, particularly when they are not easily seen.

Prevent New Tree Growth

You’ve had a few trees cut down and all that remains are their stumps and you believe that is the end of the story of their growth. It typically takes 3 to 7 years for a tree stump to fully decompose, depending on the species of tree. Because the tree root hasn’t been removed they likely still have stored nutrients that will create conditions for new shoots to grow from a tree stump. This regrowth is a normal process that you can stop with stump grinding.