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    You have the desire to create a stunning landscape and your property has all the makings of one, if only you had the time to dedicate to making it happen. But that’s the beauty of employing a lawn care company. Butler County Landscaping does the work for you so that it’s a hassle-free experience to get the results you envision. Our residential lawn care team is highly qualified to help you restore and maintain your landscaping. We understand that your property is an investment and your landscaping provides, in part, some of its market value. You also enjoy the better quality of life from thriving trees, shrubs and grass that you can observe on your property. if you’re seeking exceptional care, we are the topnotch service of choice.

    About Us

    If you’re seeking a residential lawn care service with a wide breadth of knowledge for trees and grass, Butler County Landscaping is who you can rely on for assistance. We have a mission of excellence that is displayed in our skill and commitment to ongoing training in the most advanced techniques for lawn care. As a result, you benefit from us using well-proven and successful methods that help trees, shrubs and grass thrive. As a professional company, we are fully licensed, certified and insured to perform our duties and we come highly recommended after serving countless clients with superior quality care and services.


    From mulching and fall clean up to lawn mowing and tree removal, we offer a full range of services as a professional lawn care company. You may believe you notice everything that happens in your landscaping, but it’s possible the pest infestations or disease are only a season away if you do not have a routine plan of action for each season of the year. This is why our services are critical to the health of your landscaping. We are always there each season come rain or shine and we only use well-proven methods of lawn care. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of your property.
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    Butler Landscaping

    We provide exceptional maintenance for trees and lawn care that is hassle-free and cost-effective. As a reliable and trusted residential lawn care service you can expect that your diseased and dying trees will be restored with well-proven methods that are also environmentally sustainable. We are fully committed to the education of our clients and we take a do no harm approach to lawn care. You can depend on us for regularly schedule appointments and we never offer cookie cutter solutions for any service.

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    If you want thick thriving grass that can withstand the cooler months and seasons, Butler County Landscaping offers individualized lawn care you can trust. Regular lawn care can transform the way your overall property looks an even boost your property value. You also have the benefit of knowing that your thriving lawn provides you with a better quality of life. A green lawn that is healthy from root to the blade is our goal and we will get yours there with a healthy dose of love and care.

    “We just couldn’t manage the amount of work that our landscape needs each season. It’s a fairly big place and we really wanted professional results so we called Butler County.” – Lorraine E.

    There are a large variety of trees and shrubs and it’s often difficult for an amateur to know what they need to survive. Performing pruning or trimming could boost their survival or it could make them vulnerable to disease and pest infestations, depending on the season you do it. That’s why it’s vital to rely on a professional tree care expert who has deep knowledge of tree varieties and their care instructions. If you’re seeking full green and thriving trees, call us today for assistance.

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    This is an excellent technique to restore your soils ability to retain nutrients and water. Your lawn may not make it past winter if there was a lot of wear and tear to it in season’s past. Walking on soil, driving on it or even the fun times your children had playing sports on it in the summer all play a role in the current condition of your soil. Aeration in this region is commonly conducted in the fall before winter frost sets in. Our team can provide you with details of this well-proven strategy for a healthier lawn.

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    “They really keep our lawn looking pristine and I almost hate to walk on it because it’s so pretty.” – David McD.

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    Stump Grinding

    The best way to get rid of your tree stump if you don’t want to wait for 3 to 7 years of decomposition, is stump grinding. It’s far less invasive than removing tree and root. You will also regain space in your yard for other projects and you will have reduced the possibility of personal injuries from people falling over the tree stumps. Stump grinding is also the perfect solutions for ensuring that pests do not take up residence in the stump to wreak havoc on your landscape.

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    Fall Cleanup

    Butler County Landscaping offers a thorough fall clean up package that includes a variety of services. We don’t just pick up your tree leaves and call it a day well done. Instead, we also provide you with a proper evaluation to determine the needs of your property before winter arrives. This could be tree and shrub pruning, depending on the species as well as dethatching and aeration as well as mulching, in addition to other well-proven approaches.

    “They arrive on a schedule that is perfect for us and we never have to be home for them to do the work.” – Shannon L.

    Contact Us Today

    ​We have a passion for residential lawn care and landscaping and it’s a joy to hear from both existing and potential clients. As a fully licensed, certified and insured lawn care company, we have a mission to provide clients with exceptional care and attention. We offer clients solid well-proven approaches to all of our lawn care methods. You can trust that you’re in good hands when you contact us. You can reach us by email, social media platforms as well as our online chat service and mobile phone.
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