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About Our Business

Butler County Landscaping - About

We have grown our landscape and residential lawn care service to be one of the top rated in the region with a focus on exceptional customer service and accurate diagnosis and strategies for improving your landscape. We use environmentally friendly solutions and we have mastered the art of tree care and lawn care after having a long time presence in the industry and a commitment to continuously upgrading our knowledge base on advanced technologies that are both well proven and successful approaches that do no harm to your environment. Your trees and landscaping our likely precious to you not just for their curb appeal and market value, but also because they provide a higher quality of life. Oxygen and their beauty are most certainly mood adjusters and encourage harmony in your environment. Butler County Landscaping takes residential lawn care and all the components that make great landscaping serious. We also take time to educate our clients so that they are making well-informed decisions about their property.

As a team, we possess decades of formal and practical experience and skill in the arena of residential lawn care and landscaping. We count both large and small properties among our clients and we are proud to provide you with unique individualized services. Butler County Landscaping is a highly respected lawn care company that conducts maintenance and tree care in all four seasons and you can trust our feedback and advice for the health and survival of your greenery.