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Tree and Shrub Care

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Whether you have a small trimming job or you have a property that covers acres and you need extensive tree care, Butler County Landscaping offers the professional, high quality and skilled service you need for all your trees and shrubs. We use state of the art equipment and we possess not only formal training but we also have decades of experience performing tree and shrub care you can trust. Our staff is highly trained to perform tasks such as tree removal, trim outs, hedge trimming, mulching, and other residential lawn care service. As a long-time presence in the region, we possess a wide breadth of knowledge for indigenous tree and shrub species as well as exotic species. And if you need tree service in Salt Lake City, but sure to check out our affiliate company!

Trimming is Perfect Timing

Many people mistakenly believe they can trim their shrubs and bushes any time of the year. But there is no straight single path to protecting the health of your shrubs. If they are overgrown and then they should most certainly be trimmed immediately. However, the best time to trim them may likely be after the summer months. Fall going into winter is often the best time to cut shrubs and hedges, right before winter takes over. But this again depends on the species of your plant life and if they are flowering shrubs or not. This is why it’s important to see the expertise of a professional landscape and lawn care service. We select the perfect trimming time for your trees and shrubs based on science rather than guesswork.

Shrub and Tree Restoration

We are passionate about environmentally safe and sustainable strategies for restoring the health of shrubs and trees. Rather than spraying your landscape full of pesticides that could be harmful to your family as well as beloved pets, we carefully evaluate how we can employ tree and shrub care using state of the art and well-proven methods that include other methods beyond chemicals. We have a solid reputation for using complementary approaches in nature that let your trees and shrubs thrive without endangering every other living creature on your property. This can also include strategies such as companion planting and introducing natural predators.

Tree Pruning

Your trees provide oxygen and they provide curb appeal as well as boost your overall quality of life, but they need routine care. When your trees have dead branches or diseases it will hinder their growth and they will eventually die if not managed properly. We have an excellent tree care service that offers clients a package for routine care that will help their trees thrive. Strategies such as careful pruning and trimming using scientific timing and our wide breadth of knowledge for tree species will guarantee the health of your trees. We also provide care for fruit and flowering trees. Our pruning uses well-proven approaches that promote strong root and limb growth. Check out our sister company Tree Trimming services.

Bush and Tree Transplant

Perhaps you have trees or bushes that are no longer in a healthy location and require more or less sunlight or it’s in constant danger of damage from pedestrians and vehicles. We are able to provide safe tree and shrub transplants to ensure their survival. We use state of the art equipment to relocate them to a safer area of your property to promote better health and growth.