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Butler Landscaping

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You have a well designed and planned landscape that you anticipate will thrive in all four seasons, but the greenery requires routine care and maintenance to flourish according to your visionary plans. Butler County Landscaping provides routine care and maintenance of your trees and shrubs so that you can go about the busy of your other daily life responsibilities and still enjoy the beauty and curb appeal of your landscaping. We provide excellent care so that your greenery grows and flourishes beyond what you first imagined. If you’re seeking superior residential lawn care, you have found the top rated service when you call us.

Trimming and Pruning Service

Finding time in your busy schedule to attend to your lawn care can be tough, but if you go solo, you all must know the science behind trimming and pruning. It’s a specialized service for the health of your trees and shrubs that are often better left to professionals. Not only is it safer for you, but your trees and shrubs will likely thrive and survive far better under the care of our expert team as they are formally trained and possess decades of experience with a wide variety of species as well as the challenges that might prevent their growth such as most common pest infestations and how to mitigate against them.

Pest Control

Once upon a time, your landscape was a thriving mini-ecosystem that looked beautiful and though it is still your pride and joy, one by one your plant life, trees and shrubs have started on a path to what looks like imminent death. Pests have entered, taken over and made what looks to be a permanent home on your property. We use effective strategies that are environmentally sustainable that take a do no harm approach to getting rid of beetles, termites and other pests that can wreak havoc and death on your landscape. You benefit from our monitoring system and attention to scientific methods that are well proven and successful to get rid of pest infestations to restore your lawn, trees, and shrubs to perfect health.

Curb Appeal

A well-maintained landscape provides your property with significant curb appeal. When you’re considering the sale of your property, these are often factors that influence a potential buyer on looking at your home. Residential lawn care provides an appeal that cannot be ignored and we can turn your property into a showpiece. Even if you do not wish to sell, conducting labor such as weed control and fertilization that are common practices will preserve the health of your trees and shrubs and add curb appeal for your own enjoyment. As certified arborist and as lawn care company that is fully insured and licensed we provide exceptional care to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs.

Client Satisfaction

Whether you’re seeking a higher flower or fruit yield from your trees or to protect your landscape from pest infestations, we have a mission of customer service and satisfaction. As a professional company, we have a passion for landscape and lawn care services and a goal to provide you with environmentally sound strategies that do no harm to the environment.