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Fall Cleanup

Butler County Landscaping - Fall Cleanup 1

Fall might be the time of your year where you begin to relax about the time and attention you may give to your landscaping. But each season has some specific tasks if you wish to remain all year with grounds that are well cared for and that will thrive in the spring and summer months and even in the dead of winter. Butler County Landscaping provides fall cleanup of your landscaping so that your greenery gets the attention and care it needs to look good the following season. We offer a full range of services that protect and nurture your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants and lift the burden of residential lawn care from your shoulders so you have a hassle-free season and time to simply enjoy the colors of the fall season. You may be wondering, who has fall cleanup near me? Or who has fall cleanup in Butler PA? Look no further, and simply fill out the form to the right or give us a call now!

Debris Removal

Removing leaves and weeds from your lawn is an important part of lawn care in the fall cleanup that can protect the health of your grass. With winter months often come heavy snow and when the fallen leaves from season past are still left on the ground and saturated with moisture mold and fungal diseases are almost sure to follow. It’s far better to remove any twigs and lawn debris for composting rather than allowing it to remain scattered on your grounds. Damage to your grass and poor health surrounding areas in the spring and summer are likely outcomes from the continuous freezing and thawing that happens in the winter months. We make residential lawn care a hassle-free experience to ensure your landscape is healthier in the coming seasons.

Shrub Trimming and Pruning of Perennials

Some shrubs need trimming and pruning before the tough winter season blows through the region and others do not. As a busy person with a lot of responsibilities, you may not want to sift through all of your beautiful plant and perennial life trying to carefully figure out what needs trimming and pruning to survive and which ones you might irreversibly harm if you cut off their limbs too much. We provide careful pruning in our fall clean up service so don’t have to worry about doing harm to your greenery. You may think some of your flowers need protection in cold weather that pruning provides, but there are some that thrive and do perfectly well with their leaves still attached in the winter months.

Lawn Aeration

When you living in a four seasons climate lawn aeration is typically best in the fall months. You can give your grass a boost to thrive in the spring and fall by injecting air into the soil to promote it's grown. As part of our fall cleanup, we highly recommend lawn aeration is a well-proven method for healthy residential lawn care. Consider the tough winter season is coming and if your soil is hard and compacted for months, you’re likely not to see much beauty in the spring. Its ability to bounce back from heavy snow and lawn debris sitting on it for months and possibly heavy foot traffic may all affect the health of your lawn. As a professional lawn care company, we offer a full suite of service for fall clean up with lawn aeration as one of the top items discerning clients use to encourage lawn growth and to protect the grass.

Disease Prevention

We lift the burden of fall clean up off your shoulders so that you don’t have to worry about the labor-intensive tasks when you have other responsibilities. You likely enjoy the quality of life that your landscape provides as well as its effect on your curb appeal but fall clean up is a timing consuming chore, particularly when you also need to consider well-proven strategies to prevent pest infestations and diseases that may take hold during the fall into the winter. You could very well find your landscape devastated come spring. There is a short window of time in the fall months to clean up any potential threats to the health of your landscape. Don't delay, reach out today!