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Butler County Landscaping - Aeration 1

Your lawn was the social site of the last two seasons, spring and summer. Your children and their friends played sports on it, running to and fro. Perhaps you had a few garden parties and you maybe even had a couple of friends park their cars on it and of course, you mowed your lawn several times over the last few months. Now fall has arrived your soil is compacted and the lawn grass roots may even be feeling the stress from all the summer and spring activity. It’s time to consider lawn aeration to give your soil and grass the encouragement it needs to thrive come next spring. Butler County Landscaping offers professional aeration and you will see the results of our superior methods come spring.

Punching Tiny Holes Works

It might seem strange but punching tiny holes in your soil with state of the art equipment works to promote better lawn growth. From season to season your lawn experiences a lot of stress unless you forbid anyone to walk on its surface. Like most of us, you likely enjoy a social life on your grass but over time it has an impact on your soil. Those thousands of punctures we place in the soil of your lawn help air to circulate and provide conditions in which fertilizers, water, and other nutrients can pass through soil, getting to the root of your grass. Without this process, your soil is likely to experience erosion and any treatments you try to employ will simply run off, particularly if you have hills and slopes on your property.

Improve Health of Lawn

Most of us don’t like weeds and we know the heavy consequence for letting them stick around too long in our landscape without strategies for getting rid of them. They eventually choke the life out of everything around them and dominate the area then spread out to invade every area of your grass. Without aeration, your soil cannot provide health to the roots of your grass and tree life and the only greenery that can survive soil erosion and poor soil conditions are weeds.  Our lawn care company provides you with feedback and accurate advice for how aeration can benefit your soil and the condition of greenery on your landscape. If you want to avoid bald spots on your lawn in seasons to come, call us about aeration as a strategy to encourage lawn health.

Minimize Dead Grass

Your grass has a lifespan and when it’s dead and dying it becomes organic material called thatch. This needs to be removed in order to properly aerate your soil. This layer of dead grass builds up over time and prevents areas on your lawn from getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. Thatch can also prevent soil from getting appropriate amounts of water to feed roots below the surface and aeration can be a great strategy for minimizing the effects of thatch on your lawn.

Specialized Equipment

If you think aeration is as simple as poking a few holes in your soil, it’s just not possible without specialized equipment. For aeration, you need equipment that is able to dethatch as well as puncture thousands of holes deep into your soil and remove the cores so that air is able to move freely throughout the compacted soil. Consider how hard compacted soil is to remove manually and then magnify that with the need to cover the entire area to relieve these conditions. The denser your soil the more you should see the need for professional care to prevent damage to your lawn.